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The Feet Suite Appointments

Keeping you on your feet

New Client Assessment

A thorough foot health assessment for new clients. I listen to your key concerns and also check 5 key aspects affecting foot health - 1. Footwear 2. Foot Shape 3. Circulation 4. Nerves 5. Dermatology (nails and skin) and also ensure I have a medical history and list of current medications from you. 

NO TREATMENT is offered in this appointment, just great advice! Ideal if you want a general check-up and chat with a foot health expert.

New Client Assess & Treat

New client appointment allowing for recording of general medical history and check of your general foot health, followed by your first foot care treatment.

Required by all new clients who would like treatment. (Alternatively you could book a 5 step foot check before committing to any treatment)

Express Podiatry

A short appointment (approx. 15 mins) to carry out simple foot care for feet in relatively good condition.

Podiatry Appointment

A longer appointment (approx. 25-30 min) which allows us to cut and thin nails where needed, deal with ingrowing nails and reduce callus and corns.

Fit Feet Membership

Our best value foot care, enabling you to spread the cost

For those committed to keeping their feet healthy long-term.

Podiatry Treatments: Services
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