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Keeping Feet Healthy in Pembrokeshire

Regular footcare can prevent corns, callus, ingrown toenails and foot pain.

We can help you with these and many other conditions that cause foot pain. Other common conditions include fungal nails, thick nails, athlete's foot, plantar fasciitis and verrucae.

Sometimes you may want to find a local podiatrist or footcare service simply to help you with caring for your feet because back pain or arthritis makes it hard for you to achieve good toenail cutting. It is also recommended to see a Podiatrist regularly for check ups if you have conditions such as Diabetes or Rheumatoid arthritis, as these conditions can put you at higher risk of foot wounds or foot ulcers. 

Did you know....There is no difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist, Podiatrist is simply a more modern term!

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You continue to make us feel very welcome, comfortable and relaxed when you're working on our feet with your kind and sensitive nature. We look forward to our visits with you because you make such a difference to how our feet feel afterwards, whatever work you suggest they need.

Jessica is very pleasant and very good at her work. She has made a great difference to my feet. She listens when I tell her about which toe hurts, and I always come away after my appointment much better.

Last year I was delighted to have the pleasure of having Jessica come to my home to do my feet. Ever since I've been walking on air she is so very gentle I love having her visit. The Queen would be happy to have her!

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