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Toenail Cutting

At Curlew Chiropody & Podiatry, you will get professional and skilled toenail cutting by a qualified Podiatrist. Anyone who has tried to cut a relative’s toenails which are a bit thick will know how tricky it can be. I might make it look easy, but that is tribute to the fact that I had thorough training, and have dealt with thousands of stubborn toenails by now!

Most of us take for granted the ability to cut our toenails, it’s something we all do pretty much without thinking for most of our lives. So, when does something as simple as toenail cutting warrant professional treatment?

Most often, people say that they just can’t reach their toes well enough anymore to do a good job. Perhaps family members have tried to help, but they might not do the best job (as I say, it really is a skill!) or even leave your feet bleeding and sore. Toenails can have ‘nail tufts’ beneath them, little bits of skin which often have a nerve and blood supply, getting around these is where experience and the correct tools are vital. If you are taking blood thinning medication, you really want to avoid cutting into a nail tuft.

It might be that the nails are thick because of previous damage, or fungal infections which can cause the nails to be crumbly as well as thick. Did you know that podiatrists can thin these nails down for you? This makes your shoes more comfortable and lowers the risk of corns and pressure ulcers forming underneath the nail. Ouch!

Sometimes, people’s nails are ‘involuted’ – they curl in at the corners and cutting this type of nail incorrectly can lead to ingrown toenails which can get infected and require antibiotics from the GP or even nail surgery to resolve.

People with diabetes and known peripheral arterial disease and peripheral neuropathy should really consider getting professional nail cutting whenever possible, as a slip and accidental cut, especially with non-sterile tools, could potentially lead to a major infection or ulcer.

The added benefit of having your toenails cut at Curlew Chiropody & Podiatry is that as part of your treatment your feet are given a thorough assessment on the first appointment, which will evaluate your overall foot health and pick up any underlying issues. Then during your follow-up appointments, they will get a review every 4 to 12 weeks, depending how often you want to come. This means you get regular access to professional advice, as well as the benefits of the physical toenail cutting treatment. After your first appointment, you can book Express Podiatry appointments for straightforward nail cutting or Routine Podiatry appointments for more skilled nail cutting or nail cutting with treatment of other issues such as corns or hard skin.

If you think you could benefit from a professional toenail cutting service please call 07562 752785 to make a booking.

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